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We are a tactics-based training organization focusing on real tactics used everyday by Law Enforcement Officers and Special Operations Units around the world. We do not train competition style shooting for the main reason: When training to shoot for competition, shooters value speed over accuracy and 99% of the time, mindset & tactics are disregarded. Our intent is to develop safe and intelligent shooters and provide tactics which could be used to defend yourself or your loved ones.

If you would like a recommendation of some reputable competitive shooting instructors, please email us and we will provide you with one of our partners.


We offer six outdoor shooting ranges which provide us with the ability to offer virtually any training scenario you or your organization requires. This can include the use of Vehicles, Pyrotechnics, CQB/MOUT, Steel/Reactive Targets and Obstacle Courses

Service Area(s):

Sofia, Bulgaria
Dupnica, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Burgas, Bulgaria
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


We offer four indoor shooting ranges which provide us with the ability to offer most training scenarios you or your organization requires - without the interference of bad weather or other outdoor environmental issues. Choose to train individually, or in a group setting!

Service Area(s):

Sofia, Bulgaria

Mission Driven Training

Do you require a training facility with a more complex and comprehensive, force-on-force training capability? Our newest training site provides the capability for Hostage/Interrogation, Room Clearing, Vehicle Dynamics, Rappelling and much more!

Service Area(s):

Sofia, Bulgaria
Lozen, Bulgaria
Karlovo, Bulgaria