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Are you a business Owner or Representative? Here at The Association, we don’t just build advertising partnerships. We build strong alliances with worthy businesses that are relevant to what we do. Traditionally most advertising relationships provide you a simple banner ad on a website. We want to crush that standard and provide our partners, members, and our students with a unique experience. This means we have really high standards for the businesses we align ourselves with!

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Camouflage.BG store opens its doors in April 2007. As the first of its kind on the Bulgarian market, we think and hope that we are successfully meeting the needs of our customers, who are for the most part from the military, police and security sectors. 

Since 2011, we have been offering a large selection of products for all those keen on bushcraft, mountaineering and nature tourism. Thanks to the high professionalism of our team and the uncompromising quality of the products offered, we have won the trust of our clients for a short time and have become a leader in offering high quality clothes and tactical equipment on the Bulgarian market.