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Our Services

Weapon Service
Our Weapon Service includes armorer-level modifications or repairs to your weapon system. This includes inner-component replacement and/or repair.
Weapon Finishing
We provide weapon cleaning services as well as cerakote finishing - to ensure your weapon functions and feels brand new.
Protective Armor
We provide custom armored plating solutions for your vehicle, plate carrier, K9 or home. Our armor is crafted from AR500 Steel Plating.
Rogue Membership
We offer our clients the ability to save money, expand their training routines and access exclusive partner deals.
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International Training Solutions
For clients in other countries throughout the European Union, we maintain the availability to travel to your country and conduct our business locally.
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Private Training Areas
With six training locations in Bulgaria and a variety of International training partners, we have the ability to accommodate your personal or business training requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses and services are available to all citizens who are legally allowed to handle weapons.

Clothing should be durable, comfortable and appropriate for the weather during the time of year you booked. Depending on the course you enroll in, specific attire may be required.

Yes. If you are legally in possession of weapons or ammunition, you are allowed to train with them.

The prices vary per training location. Please visit our resources page to keep up to date with the latest Range costs.

All students participating in live-ammunition training must present a valid (EU) government-issued identification card or Passport. In addition, we require that all students complete our Enrollment Form

  • We only offer live-ammunition training to students over the age of 18 years.

Yes. You may take pictures or video of yourself. Recording other shooters is not permitted and may result in termination of the course with no refund. Pictures and Videos must not interfere with the instructors ability to teach.