Our primary mission is to train and educate our clients and provide them with enhanced capabilities to survive and thrive in any situation or environment. This means creating a unique and practical training curriculum specifically catering to Military, First Responders or Civilians. Our training platforms are constantly evolving with modern tactics and training methods which exceed the European standards, providing our clients with the confidence and tools they are searching for.

We focus on providing Tactical Training Solutions for Police Officers, Military, Executive Protection Officers and Civilians – with the highest level of firearms, defense, medical and survival training available in the region. Our courses have been developed utilizing our vast amount of experience in combat and non-combat environments, as well as training consultants previously employed by the Special Operations Units and various Intelligence Agencies. We uphold the highest standards of Integrity, Commitment and Honor, which provides us with the advantage of serving the Bulgarian (and European Union) communities as the most comprehensive foreign-owned training and development organization.

We are primarily active in Bulgaria, and maintain training capabilities in most European Union Member countries where the local laws allow.

Our instructors are certified and vetted through the U.S State Department, U.S Department of Defense, Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, Department of Homeland Security, and private organizations across Bulgaria and the United States. They specialize in teaching firearms, survival, defense, medical and surveillance techniques to both American and Foreign Government Embassy/Consulate Staff.