Started on August 10, 20204 Hours

This course is focused on providing you with the ability to assess risk from the perspective of the perpetrator. Criminal profiling, the attack cycle and risk evaluation and mitigation are covered in detail. Get an in-depth look as to how Military and Law Enforcement Agents manage situational awareness to avoid and/or alert of possibly dangerous situations.


  • Fundamentals of Protective Intelligence
  • Criminal and Threat Behavior Indicators
  • The Psychology of Violence
  • Situational Awareness – What it means
  • Mass Violence Recognition and Response
  • Surviving Violent Encounters
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Engineering Environmental Advantages

This course will provide you with the ability to evaluate your activities from an independent and practical perspective and enable you to view relevant segments of the world through the eyes of a suspect. Learn to implement the personal security practices that professionals use in high-threat environments to enhance their ability to predict, prevent and reduce the chances they will need to respond to potential threats. Lower your risk profile by understanding and avoiding the key elements predators prey on. Learn to recognize, leverage and ultimately break the attack cycle.

*This course does not include weapon use.