Leadership Development Camp

Started on June 27, 20207:00am - 7:00pm2 Days / 1 Night

In our Survival Skills Course, students will learn how to navigate the land while using a map and compass, establish a campsite, build a fire and learn improvised first aid techniques. Additionally, students will learn various techniques for sourcing and purifying water, selecting the appropriate gear and equipment as well as how to construct a shelter to withstand the harshest environments.


  • Wilderness Survival & Stealth Camping
  • Land Navigation & Orienteering
  • Fire Starting Techniques
  • First Aid Techniques
  • Emergency Signaling
  • Shelter Construction
  • Water Purification Methods
  • Campsite Selection
  • Gear Selection & Packing


  • Group Instruction
  • Survival/First Aid Instructor
  • Bushcraft Instructor
  • Land Navigation (Land Nav) Instructor
  • Training in the Central Balkans Mountains (Bulgaria)

Meeting Point:

“The Waterfall Restaurant”
Водопад 41, 4302 Suchurum, Karlovo

Minimum Gear List:

(1pc) – 35L Backpack (or better)
(2 Sets) – Climate Appropriate Clothing (including socks, underwear, baselayer and beanie)
(1 Set) – Hiking Boots
(1pc) – Sleeping Bag (liner optional)
(1pc) – Flashlight (with batteries)
(1pc) – Notepad
(2pcs) – Pen & Marker
(1pc) – Knife or Multi-tool
(1pc) – Large Tarp or Liner
(1pc) – Axe or Hatchet
(1pc) – Map & Compass
(1pc) – Water Storage (Camelback, Bottle, etc)
(5pcs) – Meals (Military style or Non-Perishable)

You may bring any additional items that you desire, but keep in mind the extra weight. We will be hiking and moving a large portion of the course.
No hotel or hostel accommodation is required. Regardless of the weather. Improvised shelters will be constructed to guard you from most of nature’s elements.
Instructor Advice: PACK INTELLIGENTLY! If you’re afraid to get wet, sweat, or experience a little bit of pain from hiking – don’t sign up!

This course is for those who really desire to learn the skills of survival – no matter the circumstances!