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Started on August 10, 20206 Hours

Disaster preparedness is a popular topic within the tactical community.  Whether the discussion is about man-made, environmental or natural disasters, preparation has become a lifestyle necessity.

Many topics will be covered during this intensive 1 day course.  We focus on pistol and carbine selection for those who take safety seriously.  Many challenging courses and scenarios have been developed to help you prepare for surviving the likely civil unrest following the first days to weeks after a serious disaster.

This is not a zombie apocalypse type course.  It is designed to provide you with the skills needed to provide for your family, friends, neighborhood or community until order is restored.

How prepared are you?

This class has a physical difficulty level of moderate to high.   Students should be capable of getting into and out of kneeling, sitting and prone positions numerous times each training scenario.  There will be light running with position assumptions and 50kg dummy drags.